No One Should Cry on Christmas Day

This time of year brings back memories of all the Christmases I had with my family. Most of them were joyous, happy, exciting and filled with love. Christmas Eve nights were the most torturous, trying to sleep knowing that Mama will be going in the closets and taking our dolls and toys out in the middle of the night for the next day. Please, please, please sleep, please fall on me so that I could wake up the next day and it will be Christmas day. I can hear the ruffling of the packages, bags and plastic packaging of the toys as Mama lay our new dolls and toys in the living room by the tree. I can hear some of the toys making music, bells ringing accidently as Mama tries to lay them gently down so as not to wake us from our anxious sleep. Then Mama put the peppermint candy canes, candy, nuts and fruits next to our toys so we can have treats while we play with our new toys.
Christmas is really about Jesus Christ coming to earth and being born to the Virgin Mary to save us from our sins. We learn this in Sunday School. The three wise men bought gifts to the baby Jesus, and that is why we give gifts on Christmas. The greatest gift is God giving us Jesus for the saving of our souls. As a child, I was most happy about the toys and candy we receive. The joy and happiness of receiving gifts was Christmas to me. I will learn as I grew older to really appreciate the true meaning of Christmas and how much more this Gift from God will envelop me in love all the days of my life. I will know that many Christmases will come and go when I will not receive material gifts, but I will still smile because the greatest gift in the world I had already received. God loved us enough to give the world His greatest gift, His Son our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
It’s Christmas! It’s Christmas! I awake and yes, it is day. The night is over and my heart leaps with joy because the long awaited day has finally arrived. I jump out of my bed and run into the living room, and there she is – my new doll. I grab her, hold her, and squeeze her close. My brothers are so excited, too, as they play with their fire trucks and little green army soldiers. We laugh, giggle and look around in amazement at all the toys, wrapping paper, candy canes and lights. Mama guides my baby brother over to his little section of toys. He toddles over and picks up a little truck but begins to cry. No, no, don’t cry! Nobody cries on Christmas! I can’t imagine anyone ever crying on Christmas Day.

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