Book Excerpt – My Life at the World Trade Center

“By 1999, my cubicle was located right at the south end of the sixty-first floor, facing the Statue of Liberty. While typing away in my cubicle, I noticed out of the corner of one eye, a man flying by my window. I jerked my head back toward the window to make sure I saw what I thought I saw. Yes, a man with a parachute glides down in mid-air between both towers. I yelled out, “Look! A man has jumped off the building!” I leaned against the plated glass window to see where he would land. From the 61st floor, I could see his black parachute gliding toward the West Side Highway below. I wondered if he would land on a moving car, get hit by a car, or if he might crash land and get hurt or even killed. I found out later he landed safely and ran into the World Financial Center on the other side of the highway. The heart that man must have had, to jump from the 107th floor Observation Deck of Tower Two, not knowing if he would land in on-coming traffic on the West Side Highway. I went home that evening and told my family about a man parachuting past my office window; you could imagine the stares I received. There’s never a dull moment at the World Trade Center. Years later in 2007, I read in the newspaper that the jumper, Thor Alex Kappfjell, was killed when he jumped off a cliff in Oslo.”